Ruslan Sivirincuk 
Ruslan Sachovs 

UCL - Fight Night - 01 June 2024
Fight Lounge, Dortmund

The final showdown was a heavyweight fight in the 95+ class between the very muscular Ruslan Sahovs from Latvia and the chess boxer Ruslan Sivirincuk from the G├╝tersloh boxing club. Ring commentator Lord Kaiser from Dortmund aptly said, "May the better Ruslan win!"
In round 1, Ruslan was able to develop his white pieces better, took material from his opponent and put him under a lot of pressure. TBG spoke of a winning position, but you have to win that first, because the Latvian looked physically like he could hit back in the boxing ring. And that's exactly what happened. In round 2, the Latvian boxed strongly and with speed and towards the end of the round hit Ruslan so hard with two powerful punches that he had to go to the ground for a moment. After the count, there was a 1-minute break and then it was time for the chessboard.
In the third round, Ruslan was clearly on the way to victory on the chessboard, but the three minutes were not enough to decide. In the fourth round in the boxing ring, however, he had recovered well and was able to adjust better to his powerful opponent and land some good hits of his own. In the fifth round, he was able to seal the deal and checkmate Ruslan Sahov.
Ruslan was crowned WCBO European Heavyweight Champion!
Ruslan Sivirincuk Name Ruslan Sachovs
0-0-0 W-L-D 1-0-0
48(?) Age 42(?)
186 cm Height 181 cm
100 kg Weight 93 kg
74 cm Reach 72 cm
1650 ELO 1550
Germany Country Latvia

Sivirincuk wins via chess - checkmate (Round 5)