Matyas Chrt 
Logan Noche 

UCL - Fight Night - 01 June 2024
Fight Lounge, Dortmund

Fight number four was between the French Logan Noche and the Czech Mathyas Chrt for the European title in the light heavyweight division (90 kg) and was at a very high level. Big Greek commented that the chess game in round 1 was at a normal grandmaster level, after the boxing round the 22-year-old Noche was able to confidently checkmate his opponent, who was 10 years older.
Matyas Chrt Name Logan Noche
0-1-0 W-L-D 0-1-0
? Age 22
? Height ?
? Weight ?
? Reach ?
? ELO 1500
Czech Republic Country France

Noche wins via chess - checkmate (Round 3)