Shayan 'Shah' Zarein Dolab 
Aaron Kollner 

UCL - Fight Night - 01 June 2024
Fight Lounge, Dortmund

The name Köllner is familiar to many in the chess scene. The brothers Ruben and Aaron Köllner run the “ Koellner Chess Factory.

While Ruben has already achieved some IM norms, his brother Aaron started chessboxing at the beginning of the year. He competed against an experienced fighter in the 70-75kg class and this time lost to the Brit Shayan Zarein Dolab due to the intense boxing round . A positive aspect of the fight is the fact that Shayan is a member of the WCBA .

The two umbrella organizations had not carried out any joint activities for many years - at Denno's UCL Fight Night they came closer together. In July, Chessboxing Cologne will also send a fighter to the largest WCBA event in Norfolk.
Shayan 'Shah' Zarein Dolab Name Aaron Kollner
1-6-0 W-L-D 0-0-0
33 Age ?
175 cm Height ?
75 kg Weight ?
168 cm Reach ?
1800 ELO ?
Iran Country Germany
Yazd, Iran Hometown
Islington Boxing Gym Gym
Professional Landlord Job

Zarein Dolab wins via chess - checkmate (Round 3)