FISP - 1st International Chessboxing Show

24 October 2015 - Hurricane, Italy

The first international chess game in Italy.
Two world titles and the dispute over the Italian titles (details on the titled matches will follow).
Also in the ring Gianluca Sirci, the first Italian chessboxer as well as former European Heavyweight Champion and Vice-World Champion, engaged in an international match.
Shows by Emanuela Suanno and live music with two musical groups: Checkmate! (All-female Band) and Bomber.
The chess rounds will be commented for the public by the friendly commentator

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
5) Sergio 'The Phoenix' Leveque vs Nikolay 'The Siberian Express' Sazhin L-W Sazhin wins via boxing - TKO 4
4) Filippo 'Catanarinelli' Gubbini vs Gianpiero Sportelli L-W Sportelli wins via chess - checkmate 4
3) Gianluca 'Il Dottore' Sirci vs Lars 'Lazarus' Bjorknas W-L Sirci wins via chess - timeout ?
2) Daniele Giulio 'Dada' Rota vs Jacopo Di Lauro W-L Rota wins via chess - timeout 5
1) Giulio Sanfelice vs Vladimir Makarov W-L Sanfelice wins via chess - timeout 5