UCL - Fight Night

01 June 2024 - Fight Lounge, Dortmund

On June 1st, an international chess boxing event took place in Dortmund, where two European championship belts from the WCBO (the world's largest chess boxing association) were fought for. The event was planned as an online event, so no tickets were sold.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
6) Ruslan Sivirincuk vs Ruslan Sachovs W-L Sivirincuk wins via chess - checkmate 5
5) Orfeo Maiorano vs Edgars Raits W-L Maiorano wins via boxing - TKO 2
4) Matyas Chrt vs Logan Noche L-W Noche wins via chess - checkmate 3
3) Shayan 'Shah' Zarein Dolab vs Aaron Kollner W-L Zarein Dolab wins via chess - checkmate 3
2) Julian Hoffman vs Juri Dittrich L-W Dittrich wins via chess - checkmate 5
1) Lucas Krahforst vs Manuel Maier L-W Maier wins via chess - timeout 7